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How much does living in a nursing home cost?

It’s often the very first question we’re asked about living in a nursing home: How much does it cost? And the truth is, there’s no easy answer.

It’s often the very first question we’re asked about living in a nursing home: How much does it cost?

And the truth is, there’s no easy answer.

Nursing homes are expensive, and the amount you’ll be asked to pay can vary depending on a range of factors and circumstances. These include where you are in the UK, the type of care you require (care home vs nursing home), the nursing home’s fees, and the value of your assets at the time of moving.

The good news is that you may be eligible for financial assistance, either from your local council or, in some cases, the NHS. And knowing that you’re entitled to support can ease the money worries associated with moving into a nursing home.

In this blog post, we explain the ins and outs of nursing home costs, the funding support available, and what you can expect to pay when you move into Fulford.

How much are nursing home fees in the UK?

The average monthly cost of living in a nursing home can range from around £1,600 to £4,000, and sometimes higher, depending on the care needs of the resident. Residential care, as opposed to nursing care, is often cheaper.

The cost can also vary depending on where in the UK you live. In England, care homes in and around London are typically more expensive. Here in York, a popular destination for retirees, fees can start at around £950 per week. 

You’re investing in quality of care — and quality of life

Although these fees may seem high, you must remember that you’re paying for around the clock care from qualified nurses and care assistants, along with specialist equipment; a comfortable, furnished room; meals, and entertainment.

If you were to cost it against living at home with assisted care — with bills, property expenses, food, gas & electric, and your carer coming and going — it won’t be too far apart in terms of outgoings. 

Plus, once you move into the nursing home, you won’t be paying for anything extra, beyond the occasional haircut or newspaper. Everything is taken care of, meaning you can focus on your own — or your loved one’s — quality of life. 

It’s also important to remember that not everyone has to pay the full amount

Nursing home care in the UK is means tested

How much of the nursing home fee you need to pay will come down to the amount you have in savings and other assets. If you have over a certain threshold, you have to pay the costs yourself. 

To work this out, your local council will carry out a financial assessment (a means test), which usually follows a care needs assessment. The means test takes into account your private and state pensions, savings, benefits, and the value of your property to determine if you’re eligible for support.

In England, the savings and assets threshold is currently £23,250

  • If you have over this amount of capital, you’re classed as a self-funder and you’ll be expected to pay your own fees.
  • If your capital falls below the threshold, your local authority will pay some or all of your costs, funding roughly £742 per week. You do need to make up the difference if this doesn’t cover the full fee, however.

NHS funding is also available

If you or your loved one is deemed to have complex, long-term care needs, you may be eligible for something called NHS continuing healthcare funding (NHS CHC).

In this case, the NHS will cover the nursing home costs in full, irrespective of the savings threshold. 

In some instances, you may not meet the full criteria for NHS CHC. But if you do require care from a registered nurse, the NHS will pay a flat rate contribution towards your fee directly to the nursing home. This is called NHS-funded nursing care.

What about Fulford Nursing Home?

An average room here at Fulford costs £955 per week.

We believe that this represents excellent value for the high level of care we’re able to provide. And the fact that around 60% of our turnover goes towards nursing staff costs alone reinforces our commitment to specialist care and quality of life.

We’re also fully transparent when it comes to costs, and we work closely with potential residents and their families to find the right solution. Fill in the contact form on our homepage or call us on 01904 654 269 (8 am – 4 pm) for a full breakdown of our fees.

All types of funding will be considered and we’ll always do our very best to help. 

Whether it’s here, or elsewhere, always ask for advice

Everyone is entitled to local authority advice, no matter if you’re self-funding or not. We also recommend that you seek solicitors advice prior to signing anything, even if it’s only a quick phone call.

And remember: You should only come to a nursing home when you really need one. If you’re caring for a loved one, look out for these early signs that it might be time. Moving too early or leaving it too late can cause undue emotional and financial stress.

Would you like to talk?

If you’d like to learn more about nursing home fees in general — or Fulford in particular — or if you’re looking for a room for yourself or a loved one, we’re ready to listen and happy to help. 

Contact us on 01904 654 269.

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