Dispelling common fears when moving into a nursing home

Fears when moving

It’s not uncommon for fears to delay the decision to move into a nursing home. So, in this short blog post, we aim to address these concerns head-on and smooth the way towards a better quality of life for all involved.

What to bring when moving into a nursing home: An essential packing checklist

Although moving into a nursing home often means downsizing from a house or an apartment to a single room, you mustn’t think of it as being shut away. You’re going there to carry on living well, with grace and dignity — your postcode might change, but you don’t have to. To that end, you should […]

5 reasons to move into a nursing home

Whether it’s your spouse, parent, sibling, close relative or friend, taking the decision to move the person you love the most into a nursing home can be emotional and challenging. And if you’re currently considering taking this important step, you might be wondering why it’s a good idea.  To help you decide, in this short […]