Moving into a nursing home as a couple

You don’t have to need nursing care to move into a nursing home, which is why some people choose to move into a care home at the same time as their partner. 

So long as you’re within the age range provided for by the home (and you can afford the fees), moving into a care home with your partner means you can still live with them without being responsible for their care. 

At Fulford, we know that couples who’ve been together for many years want to continue living together for as long as possible. In this post, we explore the benefits of moving into a nursing home as a couple. 

But first, here’s how we can help you maintain your relationship if you’re not quite ready to join your loved one in a care home. 

What happens when one spouse or partner moves to a care home and the other stays at home?

This is an often-overlooked issue when a loved one moves into a nursing home. 

The partner who remains in the family home has to contend with a variety of emotions. They may feel guilty that they’re no longer able to be their partner’s sole caregiver, or they may experience anxiety about their relationship now they’re living apart. 

The good news is, many care homes (Fulford included) will do their best to make accommodations for partners regularly visiting their loved ones.

For example, we can help make sure you get quality one-to-one time with your loved one, rather than confining visits to a communal space. You’re also welcome to join your partner for meals, activities, and day trips. And if you wish to take your partner out for the day, we’ll gladly support you in any way we can.

What’s more, we’ll encourage you to meet and get to know the partners of other residents in a similar situation to your own. That way, you can develop a close support network, while also giving you the opportunity to socialise with new people. 

If your loved one is about to move into a care home, here we share 5 ways to make the move a smooth one.

Caring for couples at Fulford

Throughout our time running Fulford, we’ve helped countless couples transition from home to nursing home, continuing to live happily together in later life. 

If you’re considering moving into a nursing home at the same time as your partner, there are a couple of options available to you. 

Depending on your loved one’s care needs, you may wish to share a room with them, or you could opt for separate (but nearby) rooms.

  • Sharing can make the move easier on both of you, as you’re in it together and often surrounded by familiar furniture and belongings. Loneliness is a common fear when moving into a nursing home, but it’s usually a little easier to adjust if you do it together.
  • That said, if your partner requires around-the-clock care, having your own room in which to rest and relax can be vital. This option can give you the best of both worlds, where you can spend time together at a moment’s notice, but you still have the space to look after your own physical and mental wellbeing.  

Why is moving into a nursing home as a couple a good idea?

Often, couples choose to move at the same time due to the peace of mind it brings, both now and in the future. 

For starters, many couples find it easier to make friends with other couples, sharing mealtimes and activities. This can make the transition smoother for everyone involved.

Meanwhile, moving into a nursing home as a couple also means you’re both in the best place regarding care, comfort, and security should one of you pass on suddenly. The fact that the remaining person can continue to enjoy life in a familiar environment, surrounded by friends and carers, can be incredibly reassuring. 

However, perhaps the most compelling reason for moving to a nursing home at the same time is that it allows you to resume your relationship as partners — as opposed to caregiver and patient. This can relieve a great deal of stress and tension for you both. 

Acting as a live-in carer in your own home can lead to feelings of isolation and depression. Moving to a care home setting can be a fresh start, giving you a chance to socialise with new people and learn new things. 

If you want to talk about moving as a couple, we’re here to help

We’ve helped numerous couples make the move from family home to nursing home over the years, and we can help you, too. 

If you’d like to learn more about Fulford Nursing Home or arrange a visit, please contact us on 01904 654 269. We’re ready to listen and happy to help.

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