9 little-known facts about working in a care home

Whether you’re considering a career in care or you’re simply curious about what goes into working in a nursing home, the truth is, a job description will only scratch the surface.  Beyond the roles and responsibilities, some little-known realities make up the day-to-day for care home staff. Here, we’ve asked our hardworking team to give […]

What is the future of nursing home care post-COVID?

Note: This is part two of a two-part blog post. You can read part one, which covers how care homes (like Fulford) are adapting to life post-lockdown, here.  Little by little, life in the care sector is edging closer to something resembling normality. Pressure is easing, visitors are returning, and residents are starting to enjoy […]

How are care homes adapting to life post-lockdown?

The coronavirus pandemic delivered an unwelcome dose of stress, anxiety, and adversity to a variety of industries — and the Care Sector was no exception.  The past two years have seen us grapple with PPE shortages, crippling uncertainty, and overwhelming heartbreak as we’ve fought tooth and nail to keep our residents (and our staff) safe […]

How to settle someone with dementia into a nursing home

This post follows on from How Fulford cares for residents with dementia. There, we discuss the benefits of nursing home care for dementia patients, how to know when to move a loved one with dementia into care, and Fulford’s approach to dementia care.  Here, in part two, we explore the days, weeks, and months after […]

How Fulford cares for residents with dementia

If your loved one is living with dementia, there will come a time when they need the care and support of trained professionals. That may happen in their own home, or it may be better for all involved if they move into full-time care in a nursing home.  But it can be difficult to know […]

Your introduction to respite care in a nursing home

Caring for a friend or family member can be incredibly rewarding — but it can also be a labour-intensive job filled with long hours and complex emotions. And, if you’re not careful, it can quickly take its toll on your mental and physical health.  That’s why you must take a break now and again. Yet, […]

Are nursing homes safe?

Whether you’re moving a loved one into a nursing home, or moving into one yourself, safety is paramount. And the fear of an unsafe nursing home environment has only grown stronger during the COVID pandemic. In this post, we want to set your mind at ease. Generally speaking, nursing homes are very safe, and here […]

Moving into a nursing home as a couple

You don’t have to need nursing care to move into a nursing home, which is why some people choose to move into a care home at the same time as their partner.  So long as you’re within the age range provided for by the home (and you can afford the fees), moving into a care […]

COVID-19: Are care home residents allowed out?

Even during this challenging time, it’s still important for nursing home residents to be able to safely leave the home. Whether attending medical appointments, visiting loved ones, or taking a day trip somewhere interesting, getting out and about remains crucial for a resident’s physical and mental health.  With that in mind, we never want our […]

How is my relative going to be cared for in a nursing home?

It’s not just prospective residents who share common fears when moving into a nursing home.  Often, we hear from families who worry about the type and level of care their loved ones will receive in a nursing or care home setting. Is it right for them? Will they be looked after properly? What if they […]