How we keep our nursing home residents safe

World Day for Safety and Health at Work is celebrated every April 28th. It’s a day dedicated to the importance of a safe and healthy working environment for all involved.  

This year, we thought we’d mark the occasion by considering the vital policies, procedures, and everyday actions we use to protect and enhance the safety and wellbeing of our residents and staff. 

Read on to find out how we make Fulford a happy and healthy place to live and work.

5 ways we look after our residents & staff

1. Balancing health & safety in the care home

Health and safety measures are vitally important in a care home, but they’re also a bit of a balancing act. They need to be considered at every turn, yet implemented in a sensitive and subtle manner. Quiet effectiveness is how we do it. 

That’s because Fulford isn’t just a business; it’s a home, first and foremost. It needs to feel like a safe and comfortable place to live at all times. Even though we have strict rules regarding certain incidents and procedures, our residents can’t feel restricted when moving around the home, receiving visitors, or joining in with activities.  

Here’s how we strike that balance:

  • Staff are trained to use equipment and handle hazardous substances efficiently
  • Medicines are stored correctly and only handled by designated staff
  • Food is correctly labelled for allergens in compliance with the Food Safety Act 1990
  • Measures have been taken to prevent slips, trips, and falls throughout the home
  • Residents are only moved with care and compassion by trained individuals

2. Sticking to PPE rules  

Even before COVID-19 reared its ugly head, we had rigid infection control measures in place, including regular hand washing and high cleaning standards. 

This continues today, with our staff trained on the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE). This helps reduce the risk of infection spreading through the home as our nurses and carers move from room to room.  

Our PPE policy ensures:

  • PPE is readily available for all staff
  • Items are only worn once, and all used PPE is disposed of safely and correctly
  • Gloves are worn immediately before providing care (and removed straight after)
  • Gloves are changed between tasks when caring for one person
  • Gloves are changed when caring for a different person 

3. Prioritising staff training

Every member of our staff has undergone specialist training for their roles, which is regularly refreshed to ensure everyone is safe and happy in their work.

From learning to care for individuals with certain health conditions to understanding medication management, record keeping, and risk assessments, we’re proud of the knowledgeable team we’ve built here at Fulford. 

Our people have helped us create a warm and welcoming care home environment. Learn more about what it’s like to work in a nursing home here.

4. Keeping our building up to code

As with every care home in the country, Fulford is subject to building inspections, audits, reports, and surveys. To comply with these, we pay close attention to the home’s condition, both inside and out. Potential issues are flagged and fixed, and broken or damaged equipment or furnishings are repaired or replaced as and when required.

We also have a secure entry system and CCTV to further protect our residents and staff.  

5. Implementing fire safety measures

Fire safety procedures are fundamental in a care home. It can be challenging to evacuate residents quickly when some have mobility issues or cognitive difficulties, which may cause confusion or distress during stressful situations.

At Fulford, we have clear signage indicating where to go and what to do in the event of a fire, and all of our staff are trained in emergency response procedures to ensure the building is cleared as fast and efficiently as possible.

Any questions? We’d be happy to answer them!

If you have a loved one staying with us and want to learn more about our safeguarding procedures and health & safety policies, we’d be happy to share more information. 

Please contact us on 01904 654 269 to speak to a member of staff. 

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