Back in the “old” normal, we had a long list of fun social activities to offer our residents.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has meant that we’ve had to put a stop to some of our group-based activities, while introducing strict social distancing measures to others. Yet, even during these unprecedented times, the importance of socialising in nursing homes remains. 

At Fulford, it’s vital that our residents interact with staff and one another, and continue to enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of doing so. 

If you have a loved one staying with us (or if you’re interested in life inside a nursing home at this particular moment in time), here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been doing to stave off the boredom of lockdown — while keeping everyone safe and happy.

Nursing Home Lockdown Activities

One of the major concerns for residents and their families is that they’ll be bored and lonely when they first move into a nursing home. This prompted us to develop a diverse social events programme, which covers a range of pastimes.

However, we’ve had to pare back our programme in recent months, and where once we could offer arts & crafts classes, baking, and pet therapy, we’re now limited to facetime and phone calls. 

But with the hard work and ingenuity of our fantastic staff, we’ve managed to supplement those all-important calls to the outside world with a number of COVID-safe activities. 

A Virtual Sing-Along + Socially Distant Performances

At Christmas, we beamed the inspirational Big Ian Donaghy, a popular local after-dinner speaker, onto our screens for a warmly received virtual sing-song. This was as part of The Big Christmas Care Singalong and certainly helped lift the spirits of staff and residents alike.  

The success of the event inspired us to use resources found online to host our own sing-alongs, which has brought lots of music, smiles and laughter to Fulford during this trying time. 

And we’ve also welcomed the New York Brass Band onto our grounds for some fabulous live performances, each safely enjoyed from the window by all inside. 

COVID-safe Pampering + Hairdressing

To take advantage of lockdown, we’ve recruited a beautician as part of the core activity team. They will work solely for Fulford during this time and offer COVID-safe pampering services to our residents. 

Wearing PPE and taking all of the necessary precautions, they will provide hand massages, nail painting, and pedicures. We also have an experienced hairdresser available twice a week, again working only for us. Both are routinely tested as part of the workforce. 

Fizz & Games

Many of our residents have missed the day trips and lunches-out that we used to provide during non-COVID times, and so we’ve done our best to recreate those special occasions in-house. 

This has seen us throw Bucks Fizz afternoons, serve Baileys (very popular!), and host afternoon teas, complete with mouthwatering sandwiches, cakes and treats. 

What’s more, we’ve had a number of new board games delivered and extra packs of cards, too, to keep everyone entertained.

A Time for Reflection

Finally, we’ve used this time as an opportunity to really get to know our residents. Our wonderful staff have listened to their stories and helped them write down their favourite memories, putting together a Life Story to share with their families. 

Committed to Keeping Our Residents Safe

There’s no denying that this has been (and will continue to be) a challenging time for all at Fulford.  Taking preventative measures like shielding and isolating has meant that we’ve been reliant on video calls to the outside world, while we’ve also helped our residents write countless cards and letters to their friends and family.

But calls and letters are no substitute for real-life, in-person visits. Safety is paramount, and so, when it’s safe to do so once again, we look forward to welcoming you to Fulford and reuniting you with your loved one.

If you’d like to speak to us about visiting, or if you currently offer COVID-safe community events or entertainment for seniors, please contact us on 01904 654 269.