Our Care

Our Care


Our primary concern is for the happiness and well-being of all our residents, who are looked upon as ‘one of the family’.  We make every effort to provide each resident with the care and support that they need and always take into account their wishes and feelings.  We make sure that everyone is kept safe from harm of any kind by assessing and managing all the risks to people’s safety and wellbeing.

Every resident has a care plan which provides the basis on which Fulford Nursing Home’s care service is delivered.  Each resident’s plan includes a description of their preferred daily routine, their likes and dislikes in relation to food, special dietary requirements and similar matters.  It includes their preferences in respect to how they like to be addressed and what dignity, respect and privacy means to them in terms of daily behaviour and actions.

The care plan contains a risk assessment and any risk management plan needed. It includes details of health care needs, medication, details of GP and any community nursing or other therapeutic services provided or that the resident commissions for her or himself.  The care plan also includes details of residents' social interests and activities and how these are met, and any arrangements to attend religious services of their choice and for contact with relatives, friends and representatives.

Care plans are updated monthly or sooner if changes occur.

To ensure our home consistently achieves the high standards our residents deserve, we actively seek their views, and that of their families, to ensure that the activities and routines of daily living exceed expectations.   We have an open door policy – no matter what the time of day or night.

We take all comments and complaints seriously and all our residents and relatives know about their right to make a formal complaint and how the complaints procedure works.

Connect to Support


You can find about more about Fulford Nursing Home - and information on how to secure accommodation - at Connect to Support https://www.connecttosupport.org/s4s/.  There are lots of things that you can use this website for, such as finding information and advice, looking for local groups, searching and shopping for products and services and managing your personal budget.